Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

What a day I had today.  It was the first time I stepped into a hall where model horse people in our region assembled to hold the end of the year championship show.  Model horse show?  Huh?  What are ya talking about?

The world of model horses is a lot broader than just collecting them.  Think about model train enthusiasts - how they go to conventions and set up elaborate dioramas.  Our model horse hobby is much the same - where every detail counts.

Here's some photos from a few of the first classes:

Harness entry

dressage entry

western games entry

english games

jumper entry

another harness entry

My main reason for going to the show was to deliver three horse models I had painted on commission and to get a bead on what live showing model horses is like these days as I had taken a seven year hiatus after the loss of my job.  I needed some time to get my head around that and figure out a new path in life - and the issues around model horse showing was just not something I wanted to put any energy into at that point - I had far more pressing things to focus on.
Breyer PAM all work done by me

likeness of Spectacular Bid (customizing work done by Julie Brooks, paint job by me)

Debbie Lermond Sheba's Jewel resin (tail repair, prep and paint by me.

But with three new paint jobs on horse models that were now in the hands of their new owners, the bug bit again and I watched some of the classes as they were set up, judged and pinned and it brought me to a decision where I hope 2012 will allow me to get some of my own models out there - to hang with my crazy model horse buddies and to get to know the newer hobbyists that I've become acquainted with through email.

So, to conclude, thank you to Iva, Nancy, Linda, Meredith, Ann, Larry, and Anne for the warm welcome back to the live show aspect of model horse collecting and showing.  May I see you all as a fellow competitor in 2012!

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