Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exploring New Artistic Methods

As I take a break from creating greeting cards and focus my efforts where I'm excelling, I have taken to the art of colored pencils.  I'll thank the art teacher at school whom I've been observing while I do my job helping students with special needs and I'll thank the students themselves who have inspired me to give something new a try.

I went out and bought a set of 48 Prismacolor soft pencils and thought I'd post my first efforts.  These are by far just sketches and tests of technique and getting a feel for using them and I'm sure those with better skill can see where I'm in need of further study and practice, so take these with a grain of salt.

done with Crayola colored pencils on card stock paper

Here's a few others that I hope to end up designing a variety of cards with (so PLEASE, these are copyright protected!!).

my dragon character

smiling flower and sun
followed the students' exercise in perspective
Simba resting as sun beams warm him   
Love Birds (actually, quaker parrots!)
Short and sweet post today however lots of exploration is brewing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

With the holiday season upon us and Christmas just a couple days away, I thought I would share a little story with you - one that I hope will warm your heart and spread some cheer. 

Listening to the children where I work, I was drawn to the conversations of their anxiousness for Christmas - the comparisons of what they were expecting to find under their decorated trees.  There was chatter of new computers and Ipods, new clothes and expensive holiday vacations, or the latest video gaming console.  My thoughts ran back to my youth when I too was excited for the day - of opening presents of all sorts and sharing time with family and friends.

Then, my thoughts turned to those without - all the families on hard times or whom might have suffered some sort of major issue.  I decided I wanted to do something for someone else this year.  So, the hunt went on...

I decided to use my skills to do something special - paint a model horse for someone.  A young girl was located through one of my hobby friends.  As the piece's paint job was completed, I felt a sense of true accomplishment for there was something more going into the work than just adding a fresh paint job to the model.  I felt good knowing that this piece was going to someone I didn't know - someone who suffered a loss.  The person wouldn't know it was coming - and I signed a slip of paper as "Secret Santa". 

I watch news stories of "Secret Santas" all over the country trying to help less fortunate people - from people volunteering to collect toys for needy children, or those paying off the layaway bills of stressed and strapped parents, and to those who are collecting food to feed the homeless.  In this small way, I thought I had done something good for someone I don't even know - to share in the real spirit of Christmas.

There is true joy in giving - a lot more than receiving.

Happy holidays to all!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gift Shopping for the Animal Lover

As a kid, I wasn't a difficult one to shop for.  If the item was an animal or had an animal on it, I was overjoyed!  My interests spanned a wide variety of animals - whether they be domestic, wild, prehistoric or even imaginary.  For my first years, I can remember getting another dinosaur model to assemble.  Later on, my wish list typically incorporated requests for more Breyer horse models.

With this blog post, I thought I would spotlight some items that can be given to the animal lover.  Take a look through - there's lots of wonderful items.  Visit all the individual stores for many, many more items!

first, a few cards to send out for the holidays done by me:


Some of my wildlife items:

Golden Eagle portrait plate plate
Golden Eagle portrait plate by Sunshine68
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Barn Owl and full moon children's tee shirt shirt
Barn Owl and full moon children's tee shirt by Sunshine68
Design your shirt at zazzle

Some cute handmade horse ornaments by Bonnie Bishop (

Some wildlife items to consider from various designers at

Gorilla shirt
Gorilla by pjwuebker
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As you can see, there's a WIDE and WILD variety of items one can consider for gift-giving this holiday season. No matter if the gift needs to be something dog or cat, whale or bird, there's plenty of wonderful items to choose from. Please be sure to check out each designer's store - this is just a sampling of the wonderful items we have.